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Roberto Forzoni

Series 2 is all about inspiring people, and Roberto speaks with some of the most influential people in the world of performance. The idea is to share a little inspiration during these tough times. Find out what inspired our guests, how they overcome life's challenges and failures to become well-respected in their fields. Their journeys are fascinating in many ways; from lowly and humble beginnings, tough and challenging environments, and they all honestly share their experiences, sharing some wonderful insights that can help you in your own life. Series 1 includes persona development modules from the MYND App.MYND is a personal development podcast by experienced performance consultant and psychologist Roberto Forzoni. MYND covers six key life areas, including life skills, performance, well-being & health. The podcast reviews both seminal types of research and applied practical aspects to living a more prosperous life. On the podcast, Roberto explores many aspects of life that can be enhanced by improving your mindset; building self-confidence, dealing with stress, handling high-pressure situations,, improving your level of happiness and developing mental toughness and resilience. All these topics and more. In the podcasts Roberto shares ideas and strategies he has used to help sports performers reach No 1 in the World, achieve Olympic success, or perform to levels they had previously only dreamed about,
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Inspiring Minds with Andy Nyman
Inspiring Minds with Andy Nyman
A wonderful privileged to have actor Andy Nyman as my guest on the latest episode of Inspiring Minds Andy Nyman is not only a successful actor, he is also a film-maker, director, screenwriter, author and one of the best magicians in the world, even though he counts magic as just a fun hobby. He is one of the most positive and inspiring people I know, always full of optimism, and it was lovely to explore inside the mind of Andy Nyman!Andy Nyman bio from WikipediaNyman was born in Leicester. His first noteworthy performance was in 2000 as Keith Whitehead in Dead Babies,[4] an adaptation of the Martin Amis novel of the same name. Soon after he appeared alongside Jon Voight, David Schwimmer and Leelee Sobieski in Jon Avnet's 2001 Emmy award-winning film Uprising[5] as a Polish-Jewish freedom fighter.His next film role was in the 2003 film Coney Island Baby as a gay French gun dealer. In 2006 he appeared in horror-comedy Severance, Herman Brood biopic Wild Romance and British romcom Are You Ready for Love?. That same year Nyman won the award for best actor at the 2006 Cherbourg-Octeville Festival of Irish & British Film for his role as Colin Frampton in Shut Up and Shoot Me.[6] In 2007, Nyman appeared as one of the leads in the Frank Oz film Death at a Funeral, starring opposite Matthew Macfadyen, Ewen Bremner and Keely Hawes. In 2008, he starred as Patrick, a sleazy reality show producer, in Charlie Brooker's E4 horror satire Dead Set,[7] and appeared in BBC Four's supernatural drama series Crooked House.[6]He played the recurring character Jonty de Wolf in Channel 4's semi-improvised show Campus. In 2013, Nyman appeared in Kick-Ass 2, as "The Tumor." He did voice over work for the series Sarah & Duck and Chuggington, and pla
Jul 31 2021
59 mins
Inspiring Minds with Elizabeth Burton-Philips MBE
Since losing Nicholas one of her twin sons to suicide at the age of 27 in 2004 Elizabeth Burton-Phillips now dedicates all her time to raising awareness of the impact of drug of addiction on families and significant other to ensure that those affected by someone’s substance use receive adequate and timely support.Elizabeth is perhaps best known as the author of ‘Mum, can you lend me twenty quid? What drugs did to my family’ a story that has now been read by thousands of people in the UK and translated into six languages. The book describes how an ordinary family was devastated by drug addiction which drove her twin son Nick to end his life in 2004, aged just 27.Following Nick’s tragic death, Elizabeth has campaigned continuously to raise awareness of the harm caused to families by drug addiction and to influence policy and practice so that the needs of families are better recognised and met. Elizabeth founded the charity DrugFAM in 2006, which now helps thousands of people who are affected by someone’s substance or gambling use, including those who have been bereaved by addiction. The charity is open seven days a week from 9-9pm via its helpline 0300 888 3853. She speaks publicly on behalf of the charity in schools, prisons, rehabs and numerous conferences all over the UK and beyond.Elizabeth was co-opted on to the government’s Advisory Committee on the Misuse of Drugs New Recovery Committee in 2012-2015 and is currently advisor to a number of organisations. She has contributed to research by the Universities of Bath and Sterling which has produced new guidelines for professionals working with those bereaved by substance use.Over the last 16 years Elizabeth has delivered over 1000 lectures and key note speeches to clinicians, practitioners and other stakeholders at schools, prisons, and conference events across the globe. Nearer to home.Elizabeth was nominated as a Woman of Achievement in the Women of the Year Lunch Awards from 2009-2012 and her courage and determination to support families continues to be acknowledged around the world.In May 2017 her charity was awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.She loves Ed Sheeranww.drugfam.co.uk
Jun 9 2021
53 mins
Inspiring Minds with Andy Halliday Team GB Hockey Manager. ex-police firearms / riot shield
Hi, I’m Roberto Forzoni, Welcome to the latest episode on Inspiring minds and what an episode it is. I started the podcast chatting to people I have had the pleasure of working with over the past 25 plus years, and there are lots more conversations to come – but as I had hoped, some fabulous recommendations have been coming through.  If you enjoy the podcast please subscribe and share through your own social media, Any comments or reviews are really appreciated as they really do help get the podcast to a wonderful audience. Our guest today has quite a unique background for his sporting success. You’ll hear how a thirty-year career in the police force, including on the riot shields and more so on the firearms teams, helped develop a stoic resilience that helped him immensely in dealing with the unique pressure of international and Olympic sports – his knowledge, experiences and wonderful manner will truly inspire you. This is a fantastic and resourceful episode.I am so pleased to introduce our guest today, he is the manager of the Team GB Hockey team preparing for the delayed Olympics in two months’ time.  Get a pen and paper there are some wonderful nuggets you’ll want to remember. Welcome Andy Halliday what a fantastic story and as with all of our guests so far, what a nice person! Humility and inspiration a wonderful combination. BiographyAfter a career spanning three decades policing London whilst balancing the demand of international sport, he is able to reflect on a wealth of experience working with high performing teams. As a young Metropolitan Police Officer, he developed his policing skills in the pressured environment of the 1980s. After initial training, these skills were to underpin a working life in specialist roles throughout his career. For many years, he was a Specialist Firearms Officer, a frontline role in the fight against armed crime and terrorism. He participated in nearly 3000 firearms operations during an 18-year stint with CO19. As both an instructor and operator, the role saw him lead firearms operations in the UK and abroad. By his own admission, it was a steep learning curve. “The unpredictability of the environment tested situational awareness and pressured decision making both as an individual and as a team. Thorough planning, the ability to think ahead, adapting the plan and reacting accordingly were constantly under scrutiny. We accepted that things didn’t always go to plan, but encouraged an honest and robust approach to briefing and debriefing. We were able to create an environment where tough conversations were made possible in pursuit of bettering the team.” A former international hockey player and coach, he now manages the GB Men's hockey team as they prepare for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. “I’ve been fortunate to spend most of my career in pursuit of best practice alongside like-minded individuals. After so many years working in high performance, It’s incredibly rewarding to be able to support other individuals, businesses and teams as they strive to be the best they can be.” In his spare time, he claims to have invented “extreme hockey dribbling” and his dribbling challenges in the UK and the Himalayas have raised thousands of pounds for charity. He is a TRIM Practitioner, a mentor on the Pathfinder scheme at Help4Heroes and an ambassador for Hockey4Heroes, Access Sport and Disability hockey. #GBHokey #hockey #performance #inspiration
May 20 2021
1 hr 10 mins
Inspiring Minds with Pierluigi & Marco Bianci -  RestaurateursInspiring Minds with Laura Hamilton - TV Presenter & Serial Entrepreneur
Welcome to episode seven of inspiring minds. If you’ve not checked out any of series one, which contains many of the short audios from the mind app, and include audios on how to deal with stress and feelings of depression, as well as how to increase your levels of happiness, do take a listen or share with any friend in need of a boost.Thank you so much for all your messages and for subscribing to Inspiring Minds, By subscribing and leaving reviews it really helps get the podcast out there and will help to bring more inspiring guests to you going forward And on that note I must say a massive thank you to my good friend Kev Bird for all your support on the Inspiring Minds podcast, andNot only for some wonderful suggestions for some spectacular guests going forward but for sharing your contacts and letting them know about the podcast too! Thank you so muchIf you have any suggestions for guests going forward, or perhaps someone whose story you would like to hear, email me roberto@robertoforzoni.com with your suggestions, I am super pleased to bring a very special guest to you today, the first on the podcast not from the world of sport. She’s been described as a professional malt asker and is perhaps best known for her TV appearances. Including dancing on ice and a place in the sun, but there is so much more to this lovely entrepreneur and today she shares a little inspiration. My special guest…the fabulous Laue Hamilton Laura HamiltonBioLaura Hamilton was born in Kent.Her father is a drummer, who had a stint as Great Uncle Bulgaria in The Wombles with Mike Batt.Laura Hamilton studied at Dartford Grammar Girls School and got A-Levels in English, Psychology, Theatre Studies and Spanish.She then worked as a runner on some Channel 4 productions and amongst those she worked for was Dermot O'Leary, who later helped her put together her first show reel.Laura Hamilton then spent 4 years as an Assistant Floor Manager.Whilst playing Cinderella at the Woodville Halls in Gravesend, Laura Hamilton was encouraged by Nick Bailey who played Dr Truman in EastEnders, to look in the Stage newspaper for more performing opportunities. As a result she got her big breakthrough as Melody in the ITV show the Fun Song Factory.She went on to present several shows on Nickelodeon. Laura Hamilton's presenting credits include Wake Up World on Nick Jr, Staraoke for the Cartoon Network, and GMTV's Toonattik.Laura Hamilton's hobbies include skiing and snowboarding. She set up the Performing Arts Skills Academy. Laura Hamilton is the patron of REACH, The Association for Children with Upper Limb Deficiency.In 2011, Laura Hamilton was paired with Colin Ratushniak on ITV's Dancing on Ice. Laura and Colin came second in Dancing on Ice.#laurahamilton #aplaceinthe sun #inspiration #entrprenuerg95NUq6RoZGNl13jrp6Q
May 2 2021
41 mins
Inspiring Minds with Sir Clive Woodward - Rugby World Cup Winning Manager
Welcome to the sixth episode of Inspiring Minds, the podcast that looks for that little inspiration in these tough times. I‘m Roberto Forzoni, and I must say thank you for being here at the start of this exciting journey. When I started I couldn’t even imagine the first six contributors would be the six we have had. Pure class and I thank each and every one of them - Humphrey Walters, Steve Coppell, Alex Welsh, Jeanette Kwkye and Alan Pardew kicked things off – if you’ve missed any episode please go and check it out – everyone my guests shares a little inspiration and has some real practical ideas that will help make your life a little richer. My guest today is someone that not only inspired me, and continues to do so, but inspired the whole nation.There’s loads of great stuff in this episode but before we get going I’d love it if you could subscribe hit the notification button and as, as soon as there’s something new on the podcast you will get it.  Also, if you can rate the podcast and write a short review it really will help us going forwardthe goal of the podcast is to share some inspiration by speaking with some of the most influential people I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with over the years. ; My guest today shares some personal experiences that you will not have heard before.When I lectured at Brunel University he kindly came in one afternoon and spoke to the master's students on their psychology course, it was the highlight of their year – forget what I was teaching. Standing in front of them was that rare breed of manager – someone who won a world cup final Surprising. in this chat he speaks as much about his love for football as the sport he’s mostly associated with – rugby!  He’s a lovely guy, kind, sincere and full of inspiration. Welcome Sir Clive Woodward
Apr 17 2021
1 hr 11 mins
Inspiring Minds with Alan Pardew - Premier League Football ManagerDealing with Feelings of Depression episdoe 14Dealing with Feelings of Depression episdoe 13Dealing with Feelings of Depression episdoe 12Inspiring Minds with Jeanette Kwakye - Olympian & TV BroadcasterInspiring Minds with Alex Welsh - Football Coach, Charitable Work, Author & InspirierDealing with feelings of depression - episode 11Dealing with feelings of depression - episode 10Dealing with feelings of depression - episode 9Dealing with feelings of depression - episode 8Inspiring Minds with Steve Coppell - Premier League Football Manager
Stephen James Coppell (born 9 July 1956) is an English football manager and former player, who last managed ATK in Indian Super League.As a player, he was a highly regarded right winger known for his speed and work rate.[1] He won domestic honours with Manchester United and represented England at the World Cup. After a knee injury ended his playing career, he went into management.He has managed several English clubs, most notably Crystal Palace and Reading, both of which he took from the English second tier to achieve each club's greatest-ever successes in the top flight. He has also managed Manchester City, Bristol City, Brighton & Hove Albion, and Brentford. He is credited with discovering players such as Ian Wright, a striker he signed from non-league football, and who became a household name and international footballerthe goal of the podcast is to share some inspiration by speaking with some of the most influential people I have had the pleasure of knowing, working or collaborating with in some capacity. These people have helped shape the way I think, and every time I have the privilege of sitting down and talking with them, I come away richer for the experience. Today’s guest is one of the most well-known managers in football, starting his managerial career at the tender age of 28 after an injury curtailed his playing career with England and Manchester United – not before setting a record of 207 consecutive appearances  for United– a record unlikely to ever be broken He has managed nine different clubs so far in his career, including Crustal Palace,  (where he was invited to manage on no less than four separate occasions) Reading, Brighton, Brentford and Manchester City.At Reading his team achieved an extraordinary 106 points tally when he guided them to the Premier League for the first time in their history, along the way the team set other incredible records including an unprecedented 33games unbeaten sequence scoring 99 goals in the process I had the privilege of working with him as the first-team coach at Crystal Palace, Brentford and Brighton and he is another friend who has inspired me and many others over the years.  He was well ahead of the curve in terms of his knowledge and understanding of psychology, video analysis and scouting as well as a team and individual management. In this podcast he talks about his life in the game, man-management and leadership, touching on his philosophy and nd in the advent of Black Lives matter, he speaks about  how the black players in his early career  laid the path for today’s players of colour to follow His story is fascinating and inspiring My guest today is Steve Coppell
Feb 15 2021
1 hr 18 mins
Inspiring Minds with Humphrey Walters - Performance Consultant, Global Challnger
Humphrey WaltersHumphrey Walters works exclusively in helping individuals perform to high levels as well as developing winning teams and leaders for many Organisations and professional bodies.He talks frequently to schools and heads of academic institutions on Leadership, personal motivation and team working skills, both for staff members and school leavers.He also works with teams, which range from the England rugby team which won the world cup in 2003, premier division football teams, County cricket teams, schools, businesses, Government departments, Industry and professional bodies. He is heavily involved in Charity and sits on the boards of the RNLI and the Juvenile Diabetes research foundation.In 1996/97 he completed the BT Global Challenge, dubbed “The World’s toughest round the World Yacht Race”, aboard Ocean Rover as a practical example of Leadership and Teamwork in a tough environment.In 2006 he developed the team for JCB which gained the world land speed record for a diesel car at Bonneville Salt Flats in the USA. He also works with Chelsea Football Club and a Formula 1 team.He has written extensively about High Performing Teams and Leaders and is the co-author of the book “Global Challenge” which is a study of Leadership and Teambuilding used during this arduous event. “Global Challenge” has sold over 50.000 copies and is in its 16th reprint. He has also written “The little book of Winning” which is a punchy book highlighting his winning ideas, The little book of inspiration with two Olympic athletes and the Little book of nutrition.He is an active sportsman having been involved in rugby, squash at county level and cricket and has also completed over 48 marathons. He is also a qualified fixed wing and helicopter pilot.PODCASTIn this podcast, amongst some great anecdotes,  he looks at six key elements and characteristics of good leaders and high-performance cultures, as well as giving a real personal insight into his way of thinking –    you’ll want to hear about these.It is with great pride and a feeling of privilege that I introduce to you someone I’ve known for over ten years – – the wonderful Humphrey Walters.
Feb 1 2021
55 mins
New podcast series: Inspiring Minds introductionDealing with feelings of depression - episode 7