Inspiring Minds with Sir Clive Woodward - Rugby World Cup Winning Manager

Inspiring Minds with Roberto Forzoni

Apr 17 2021 • 1 hr 11 mins

Welcome to the sixth episode of Inspiring Minds, the podcast that looks for that little inspiration in these tough times.

I‘m Roberto Forzoni, and I must say thank you for being here at the start of this exciting journey.

When I started I couldn’t even imagine the first six contributors would be the six we have had. Pure class and I thank each and every one of them - Humphrey Walters, Steve Coppell, Alex Welsh, Jeanette Kwkye and Alan Pardew kicked things off – if you’ve missed any episode please go and check it out – everyone my guests shares a little inspiration and has some real practical ideas that will help make your life a little richer.

My guest today is someone that not only inspired me, and continues to do so, but inspired the whole nation.

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the goal of the podcast is to share some inspiration by speaking with some of the most influential people I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with over the years. ; My guest today shares some personal experiences that you will not have heard before.

When I lectured at Brunel University he kindly came in one afternoon and spoke to the master's students on their psychology course, it was the highlight of their year – forget what I was teaching. Standing in front of them was that rare breed of manager – someone who won a world cup final

Surprising. in this chat he speaks as much about his love for football as the sport he’s mostly associated with – rugby!

He’s a lovely guy, kind, sincere and full of inspiration.

Welcome Sir Clive Woodward