"Symbiotic Partnerships" with Arctech Accelerate

What The Tech?

Feb 13 2024 • 23 mins

Today I am thrilled to welcome onto the show Tarig Abdellatief, Managing Director of Arctech Accelerate. Based out of Ottawa, Tarig’s team sets a national standard for grant and proposal writing, business development and lobbying sector services, representing businesses across software, manufacturing, healthcare, Space Tech, Military, Not-for-Profit and virtually any other sector driving innovation in Canada today.

Tarig utilizes a deep understanding of government programs, policies and protocols to help the founders and entrepreneurs he works with maximize their access to the resources they need to succeed.

He’s put this knowledge to work partnering with Boast and other leaders in the startup ecosystem for a series of recent webinars hosted by Startup Stack, and has been an invaluable resource personally in helping  me understand what it takes to build a successful startup in Canada.

I’m truly so excited to pick Tarig’s brain about his journey in the startup space, the role his team has played in helping businesses achieve growth at Arctech Accelerate, and what he sees for the future of his organization and startups across Canada.

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Intro and Outro music provided by Dennis Ma whose mixes you can find on Soundcloud at DJ DennyDex.