Rachel Fahrenbach - Identity, Purpose, Belonging and the Sabbath

Finding God in Our Pain

Oct 27 2021 • 1 min

Rachel Fahrenbach - Identity, Purpose, Belonging and the Sabbath

Today's guest, author Rachel Fahrenbach has some valuable insight to share on what rest can do for you in all the areas of your life, and rest in the form of practicing Sabbath. Our conversation was based on her new book, Rest & Reflect: 12-Week Guided Sabbath Journal.

Through her guided journal you will explore these 3 areas with God: Identity Purpose Belonging

To me, identity, purpose and belonging are key areas that are foundational for us when navigating this thing called life. When those 3 areas are healthy we get to enjoy things like peace, clarity, and joy for the journey.

This isn't a legalistic practice. It moves with the ebb and flow of life and it looks original to the families that define how they want to focus on God. It’s truly a beautiful thing.

Because resting in God is a spiritual inheritance that we have access to as His children, you know God has a beautiful exchange for us when we practice the Sabbath.  Anytime we draw near to Him He showers us with His affection and generosity. And He always gives more than we can imagine.

God’s value system is such that when we discover who He is in the type of rest that He has for us we get more. More peace, less anxiety. More relationship with less work. More life, less overwhelm.

Giving God our focus helps us to begin to see things through the lens of God’s heart for us and that sweet friend is transformational!

Talking with Rachel about practicing the Sabbath reminds me that it offer us the opportunity to  have that garden of eden experience...in the here and now…..daily perceiving Him, walking and talking with Him.

Rachel shows us that resting is not being lazy, it shouldn’t make you feel guilty and you’re not adding something to you To Do list. I want to challenge you to give God your time by practicing a Sabbath and see what He has for you. Test Him, taste and see that He is good.

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BIO: RACHEL FAHRENBACH is the author of Rest & Reflect, a guided journal that helps you implement a weekly rhythm of rest and reflection in your week through the practice of Sabbath. Her desire is to see moms reclaim a deep joy and stabilizing peace in their weeks by actively choosing to rest. To support them in this choice, Rachel offers encouragement and resources for implementing a Sabbath practice at rachelfahrenbach.com. Rachel and her husband live in the Chicagoland area with their three kiddos.   To connect with Rachel: Instagram.com/rachelfahrenbach Facebook.com/rachelfahrenbach To download a sample week from the guided journal: rachelfahrenbach.com/journal To purchase the journal: https://www.amazon.com/Rest-Reflect-12-Week-Sabbath-Journal/dp/1736855514 To get access to The Busy Mom's Guide to a Simple Family Sabbath: rachelfahrenbach.com/sabbath TRANSCRIPT: