The Purpose Podcast

Johnny Randolph

Extraordinary people within communities that lead "purpose-driven" lives that help others to find their "purpose"
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Luvenia Boyer- Club Growth Director
Luvenia Boyer- Club Growth DirectorLindsay Rae- Lights, Camera ActionGavin Hignight- The Story TellerGames and GoalsDr. Akins- The Fulfillment of Hope and PromiseDwayne Cash- Media MavenA Lady and a Scholar- Chiquita ToureAn Unbelievable Story- Aaron BeverlyWarrior-  Sharon HarrisWorld Champion of Public Speaking- Darren LaCroixJet Setter Fresh- Charles BabbMoney Never Sleeps- Kayla FeaginLife of an Adventurer- Theresa LechtonFinding Your Purpose- Martha Espinosa