Starting Solids! Safe Baby-Led Weaning with Katie Ferraro

Bottle Service with Big Kid Problems

Oct 23 2023 • 44 mins

Wondering if your baby is ready to expand their culinary horizons into solid foods? Look no further – this episode is your ultimate guide! Join us as we team up with Katie Ferraro, a Dietician, Nutrition Professor, mom of SEVEN, and the genius behind @babyledweanteam and the "Baby Led Weaning Made Easy" Podcast. Katie is here to make sure you're fully equipped to ace this exciting transition!

We're diving deep into the essentials: Knowing when to get started, first foods, tips and tricks for picky eaters, confidently tackling concerns like allergens and choking, and much, much more. Get ready to roll up your sleeves, break bread with your little one, and embrace the joyful messiness of it all! LFG!

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