2019 July | Interview w/ Shauna


Aug 2 2021 • 40 mins

[From the archive] Another interview out of DC this week, my guest Shauna has worked as  a  freelance programmer for 9 years. She left neuroscience after a long   reckoning with the uncertainty. Shauna found herself challenged by a  big  question: How do we quantify and understand the vast potential of  human  behavior with hard tools? Maybe we can’t. Or at least not in the  ways  we want to.
Shauna and I discuss these interesting ideas from  her  work and how she’s grown professionally. We also touch on the   significance of queer identities in these spaces and handling mental   health. I was curious to know how she keeps herself accountable and   practices self-care in a sometimes isolating work space. Shauna tells me   all her great tips and tricks as she continues her journey of growth   and learning.
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