#66: 3 Things Your Resume Might Be Missing

The HR Mentor

Mar 10 2023 • 28 mins

The resume…love it or hate it, when you start a job search, you need one. Often students and new grads ask me to look at theirs and what I usually see is that they have left off some really important information that could help them get an invitation to an interview.

In this episode, I summarize three pieces of information you might leave off your resume and how and where to include them. I also give you some examples of phrases and wording you can use in each section. If you are getting ready for a job search or looking to level up your career you need to listen to this today before you start preparing your resume.

3 Things Your Resume Might Be Missing:

  1. Professional Summary or Summary of Qualifications
  2. Educational Details
  3. Accomplishment and Awards

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