#82: Why Certifications Can Wait

The HR Mentor

Nov 26 2023 • 14 mins

If you are about to graduate from an HR program or you are a recent HR grad who is struggling with finding that first HR role, this episode is going to save you a ton of money and time. That’s right, money and time - something I am sure you value immensely right now. How am I going to do that? Well, I am going to be the friend you didn’t know you needed and I’m going to stop you from signing up for that certification program you are thinking of spending your hard-earned money on. Right now, as a new HR graduate, a fresh new certification is not going to be the silver bullet that gets you that first HR role.

Listen to find out when a certification is a great idea and what you can do instead to find that perfect first HR role.

Thanks for listening!

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