165 How to be as Successful as Joe Rogan in Podcasting

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Sep 6 2022 • 7 mins

I talk to a lot of podcasters in my free 15- minute coaching calls and hands down the most common thing I hear from podcasters is that they want Joe Rogan level success in their podcasting niche.

Seriously, this is the most common goal I hear from podcasters.

And, I get it. Who wouldn’t want to have a show where you seemingly show up, turn on your mic, party with interesting people, and then get paid millions of dollars? I’ll take that gig.

But, here’s the thing. Nobody is handing out that gig. But, if you really want to follow in Joe Rogan’s footsteps to get to your podcasting pot of gold, let me lay them out for you, step by step.

Step 1. Spend a decade coming up as a stand-up comedian and actor

Step 2. Spend the next decade promoting an up and coming sport to become the face of that sport like Rogan did with MMA (or whatever would be the perfect fit for your personal brand)

Step 3. Spend the next decade continuing to build your house-hold name recognition by hosting TV shows (maybe a reality show where they eat bugs or something) and keep going with the sports thing and the stand-up comedy thing. Just pile on more stuff and find as many ways as possible to get your name known. Be sure to get your agent and your publicist on this too.

Step 4. Start a podcast before podcasting is a thing. Build a rock-solid production team. Create 1500 episodes.

Step 5. Celebrate because you my friend have just landed a $100 million deal overnight!

Yeah. I’m being a dick. I know.

But, seriously. You simply can’t expect Joe Rogan success without the name, hard work on a personal brand, and team of pros that Rogan has. And yeah, it takes a lot of time to build that stuff up.

Alright, alright… I know I promise you one tip per episode and this one is not really helpful (other than to get your head straight).

There are a few key things that we can definitely learn from the path that Joe Rogan has carved because let’s face it, he’s done more than a few things right.

The Top 3 Things Podcasters Should Do to Have Joe Rogan Success:

  1. Build a Personal Brand. This means that you need to know your brand, know your audience, and figure out where your authentic-self and your audience’s needs intersect. And then LIVE it. Consider your personal brand in everything you do. Personal brands do not just happen, they are created. Oh, and by the way - forget about everyone loving you. If you want to have a strong personal brand that people will LOVE then you have to accept that there will also be people who HATE it.
  2. Park the ego and hone in on WHY you want Joe Rogan level success. Chances are if you dig a bit deeper, you’ll realize that you really don’t need Joe Rogan audience numbers, especially if you are podcasting for your business. How many clients can you actually handle? Remember, having a podcast AS your business (like Rogan) is going to require a lot more downloads than if you use podcasting to support your business. What would it look like if the podcast just drove leads to your business? How many more leads would you like? Is it millions of leads? Could you handle that? There are other ways to have a successful podcast without needing to build an audience of millions so you can enter the acquisition arena.
  3. Team up. Joe Rogan may be the name everyone knows - the show is named after him but, make no mistake, Joe Rogan does not do it alone. He has a team. People who make it seem easy for him to show up and do what he does best, to get the right people and prepare them, to make the show sound (and look) good… and then there’s his agent, manager, publicist… you may not need that big of a team but a personal brand like Rogan’s has to be protected and maintain (and navigated through some pretty choppy controversies too). If you want to have Joe Rogan success, start surrounding yourself with support. Get good people in your corner.

When you focus on these three things – being known for something by creating a personal brand, getting clear on why you want and need to be known as the expert of X, and selecting the right people to support you along the way then you are starting to be a little more like Joe Rogan as a podcaster.

If you’re a podcaster who’s thinking your show could be better, could be getting more listeners, could be generating more qualified leads or whatever your goals might be but you’re not sure what to fix first? Get over your fear factor and book a free coaching call with me right now. You’ve got nothing to lose. And a whole lot of ideas, encouragement and clarity to gain.

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