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Love brought you together, but relationship skills keep you together. That is what this podcast is all about: the relationship skills to be a truly empowered couple! You will hear a range of practical relationship topics like: fantasy love vs true healthy love, unhealthy conflict vs healthy conflict, and ineffective communication vs great communication. We are your hosts, Jocelyn & Aaron Freeman, and will provide you the most relatable, authentic, deep, and practical relationship skills so you can overcome ANY challenge and connect in deeper ways. We, The Freemans, are known as “the couple that coaches couples.” Be sure to read our newest book, The Argument Hangover!
“How Do I Get My Partner to ____”? Steps to Better Influence Your Partner: Episode 2095 Small Habits That Make a Big Difference in Our Own Marriage: Episode 2082 Ways to Prevent a Simple Conversation From Turning into a Conflict (that take 5 seconds to do): Episode 207How to Gently Remind Your Partner of Your Wants/Needs, Without Nagging or Attacking: Episode 206Permission Based Communication: Respecting Each Other’s Boundaries and Bring Up Conversations Without Backlash: Episode 205Re-Evaluate Your Goals and Priorities as a Couple to Start the Year Focused and Aligned Together: Episode 204Masculine & Feminine Differences in Communication: Episode 203The Most Critical Step to Repair From Conflicts is Also the Hardest Thing to Do (plus, the surprise resource finally announced!): Episode 202The “Love Account” Principle: One of the Most Critical Actions That’s Easily Forgotten as You Get Busy and Are Together For Years: Episode 201Closing the Gap Between Where You Are Now and Where You Want to Be Without Feeling Disappointed: Aaron Solo Episode 200How to Be the Happiest Couple You Know by Following 3 Traits of the Happiest People on Earth: Episode 199
Nov 9 2021
28 mins
How We’re Preparing to Parent Consciously With Non-Mainstream Techniques, Emotional Intelligence, and Communication Before She Can Speak: Episode 198
Episode Resources & Links: FREE Parenting WebClass with Amy McCready on November 10th HEREHypnobabies Program for Natural Birth HEREPelvic Floor Birth Program (One Strong Mama) HEREThe Conscious Parent book by Dr Shefali HEREVideo on baby communication sounds HEREElimination Communication (Go Diaper Free) HERE   There are many ways to parent a child and even the way of "let's just figure it out as we go". We wanted to take this episode to share with you about our prep for becoming parents this coming December.  As we are so into communication and emotional intelligence between couples, you shouldn't be surprised that we are learning about how to do that with our own daughter.  Of course reading and listening is not the same as the "as lived experience", there are a number of philosophies and parenting guidelines that we are committed to implementing so that we can be truly conscious parents. Being conscious parents will allow us the best opportunity to raise a conscious child.  By no means are we saying we will be perfect or that we are judging any other ways of parenting, we just wanted to be open with you all about our journey and to even see the correlations to being a great partner. We believe that if you want your children to have great relationships, you have to have one yourself!    In this episode, we discuss: Our preparation for natural birth and helpful programsNon-mainstream techniques for parenting intentionallyConscious parenting and raising her to be the best version of herselfDeveloping “Emotional Intelligence” in our parenting approach (just like our marriage)What we’ve learned from different cultures (outside the United States) for developing happy human beings   Additional Resources For Your Relationship: Order our book, The Argument Hangover, and get over $200 of free bonus gifts (like the mini course and a 90 minute training)
Nov 2 2021
58 mins
Parenting Expert Amy McCready on How to Align on a Parenting Philosophy, Discipline Collaboratively, and Say Good-bye to Your Parenting Struggles: Episode 197
If you are a parent (or soon to be) you must attend the FREE Webinar with our guest Amy McCready on November 10th at OnlineCouplesWorkshops.com/parenting because she’s takes all the topics today even deeper to the specific how-tos!  As you can already tell we have a guest on this episode and it's none other than nationally renoun parenting expert Amy McCready!  Amy is the founder of Positive Parenting Solutions, parenting contributor on the TODAY show, best-selling author, and creator of The 7-Step Parenting Success System that has helped over 100,000 parents of toddlers to teens bring peace into their homes.  During this episode you will hear: What to do if you disagree on your parenting philosophy like authoritative vs her method of Positive Parenting Solutions What to do if triggered by your kids and preventing an argument with partner andHow to make sure your partnership AND your parenting thrives at the same time.  Don't forget to register for the follow-up FREE Webclass that Amy is doing for our community only at: onlinecouplesworkshops.com/parenting On the webinar you will get: The 5 Steps for No-Yelling consequences ALL parents can agree on How to find common parenting ground — even if it feels like a battlefield3 action steps you can take TODAY to unite in parenting   Resources For Your Relationship: If you missed the Nov. 10th webinar... Order our book, The Argument Hangover, and get over $200 of free bonus gifts (like the mini course and a 90 minute training)
Oct 26 2021
40 mins
The 6 Human Needs: How They Are Fulfilled in a Relationship and What Happens When They’re Not: Episode 196
Oct 19 2021
28 mins
The Danger of Too Much Nit-Picking and Questioning + 2 Ways to Shift to More Acceptance: Episode 195
Oct 13 2021
33 mins
Improve Your Apology After an Argument & What It Means to Truly Repair: Episode 194
How many of your past arguments and conflicts actually get fully repaired? Do you feel that from every emotional impact, your partner has fully understood you, that they acknowledge the role they played in you feeling that way, and you believe things will be put in place to make the necessary change for it to not happen again?  These are just some of the points that need to happen to fully repair from a conflict in your relationship. Just saying I’m sorry to move on often doesn’t cut it. In this episode we will share about a shocking and surprising life event that happened this week and how it shows us that we do not have life to waste being unresolved about conflicts in our marriage. You will feel the same level of urgency to not waste your life being disconnected or resentful toward your partner and have key ways to improve your “apology” so that you truly repair from any challenge and emotional impact in your life!   Resources For Your Relationship: Order our book, The Argument Hangover, and get over $200 of free bonus gifts (like the mini course and a 90 minute training)   Register for the LAST FREE WebClass in 2021 happening October 5th. It will cover strategies for preventing conflict, de-escalating triggers, and repairing after conflict. Save your seats here.   About Us: We’re The Freemans, your go-to couple for authentic and actionable relationship advice. Send us your relationship questions for the show with a DM on Instagram. As you listen to the episode, tag us on an IG story and let us know what you loved.
Oct 4 2021
34 mins
3 Questions to Ask Yourself After an Argument: Episode 193Break Destructive Patterns Mid-Conflict to Prevent Arguments From Escalating Further: Episode 192Rebuilding Trust After Promises Are Broken (Small or Big): Episode 191Why You Both Need to Have Time With Friends Outside the Relationship (But Certain Types of Friends): Episode 190