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Let’s Be Real, hosted by GenZ change maker Sammy Jaye, is all about having powerful and candid conversations with celebrities, activists, athletes and influencers, while discussing real-life issues – from mental health and political activism to pop culture and more. This highly acclaimed podcast has been recognized by some amazing people & publications, from the Ryan Seacrest show and 17 Magazine, to Variety, Refinery 29 and so many more. Sammy Jaye, at 19, is the youngest person to host her own podcast on iHeartRadio and was recently named to PopSugar’s 20-under-20 list. Season 3 is going to be exciting, revealing and empowering and will hopefully make you feel good at a time when we’re all going through so many changes in the world today. Check it out every Thursday! To learn more, follow @itssammyjaye on Instagram! read less

Our Editor's Take

Listeners of any generation can enjoy Let's Be Real with Sammy Jaye. The host may be Gen Z, but her conversational talent energizes guests of all ages. Sammy Jaye has a way of getting to what motivates artists, athletes, celebrities, and others. The show also gets real about mental health issues.

Sammy Jaye is a natural talent with a great voice. It's how she got her first radio gig at age 17, when she was still in high school. The host's interviews feature no predictable questions and promise full human engagement. Her on-air bond with her guests and genuine curiosity intrigue listeners. That's why the interviews on Let's Be Real with Sammy Jaye have such a wide appeal. That's the case whether the guests are fellow Gen Z actress Navia Robinson or Gen X dancer and actor Dule Hill.

Guests are ready and willing to open up to Sammy. Most know her award-winning podcast as a place for comfortable and genuine conversations. They don't expect typical Hollywood talks. Podcast guests and listeners alike are here for the chance to explore their own lives. Sammy exposes their motivations, talents, and what keeps them going through struggles.

Sammy's interviews are both wide-open and fast-moving. Her guests are free to go anywhere in what they wish to address. That could be successes they feel passionate about or mental health struggles. In the process, Sammy knows how to apply herself to sense what her interviewees want to convey. Then she helps them get there.

Each week, the host sits down with inspiring writers, directors, authors, and astrophysicists. (OK, yes, that last one is Neil deGrasse Tyson.) Let's Be Real with Sammy Jaye airs new episodes every Thursday. Shows are 30 to 45 minutes long and go back to January 2020. This podcast dispenses mental health advice. But listeners also should see a real-life trained professional if they need help with those issues.

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