38. Special episode - SEC rulemaking: Facts, fiction and why your comments matter

The Long-Short

Aug 24 2022 • 47 mins

As we come to the end of our brief summer season break, The Long-Short wanted to let listeners in on a fascinating discussion with two US SEC representatives whom shed a light on how the rulemaking process works in the US. The SEC has released nearly two dozen rule proposals over the past year, and the recently released regulatory flexibility agenda suggests there is much more to come. During the episode, we break down how rules are made and the impact public comments can have on the outcome. This conversation with Robert Holowka and Nathan Schuur of the SEC Division of Investment management, as well as Michael Kitson, Bridgewater associate, provides a timely insight into the regulatory rulemaking process. This panel is moderated by Suzan Rose, AIMA's Senior Advisor for Government and Regulatory Affairs.