Cobra Kai’s ‘Moon’ actress Hannah Kepple joins me to talk about the show


Feb 3 2021 • 28 mins

In this episode of Hellblazer Biz, Chris Gordon interviews Hannah Kepple, who plays Moon in the hit Netflix series Cobra Kai. They discuss Hannah's excitement about being on the show and the massive fan base it has garnered. They also talk about the chemistry and fun on set, as well as memorable moments from filming. Hannah shares her thoughts on Moon's character and her relationship with Hawk. They discuss the impact of Netflix on the show's fan base and the importance of fan interaction through social media. Hannah also talks about her future plans and career aspirations. The episode concludes with fan questions and Hannah's messages to the listeners.
Cobra Kai has a massive fan base and has gained even more popularity since moving to Netflix.
The chemistry and camaraderie among the cast and crew of Cobra Kai make filming a fun and enjoyable experience.
Moon's character in Cobra Kai is known for her peaceful nature and anti-bullying stance.
The show explores the immaturity of men and the unintended consequences of their actions.
Social media plays a significant role in boosting the popularity of shows like Cobra Kai and allows for fan interaction and engagement.
Hannah Keppel plans to continue her acting career and is interested in book-to-film adaptations.
Hannah Keppel appreciates her fan base and strives to be a genuine and uplifting presence on social media.
Hannah Keppel would love to visit Brazil and travel to different places once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.
Hannah Keppel sees herself as a dog person but has a love for all animals.
Hannah Keppel values kindness and encourages conversations about important issues like racism.
00:00 Introduction and Excitement about Cobra Kai
02:20 Working with the Cast and Crew
03:18 Moon's Character and Relationship with Hawk
04:16 The Immaturity of Men and Relationships
05:14 The Chemistry and Fun on Set
06:19 Memorable Moments Filming Cobra Kai
07:41 Moon's Intentions and the Unintended Consequences
10:31 The Impact of Netflix on Cobra Kai's Fan Base
11:26 The Importance of Fan Interaction and Social Media
16:03 The Growing Importance of Social Media
18:00 Future Plans and Career Aspirations
21:03 Fan Questions: Kissing Scenes and Travel Plans
25:43 Being a Role Model and Muppet Character
27:44 Final Thoughts and Messages

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