Nostalgic Mystery Radio

Stevie K.

Old time radio mystery programs brought back to life for today's fan of the great shows of yesteryear. Including the classics such as Sherlock Holmes, Sam Spade, Philip Marlowe, and more. read less

Our Editor's Take

Nostalgic Mystery Radio invites listeners into the most outstanding suspense series of old. Host Stevie K. airs many beloved tales. Listeners hear "Father Brown," "The Golden Murder Case," and "The Accidental Murderess." The ambiance of old TV and radio makes an alluring background for each drama.

Suspenseful music greets listeners at the beginning of each episode. Stevie then introduces the foray into nostalgia. In "Philo Vance: The Butler Murder Case," Stevie introduces Detective Vance. The case involves an extortionist, a dentist, and an unfortunate killing. Podcast listeners learn which voice actors played the role of the detective in the 1940s series. The sound of the organ provides an ominous soundtrack to this particular mystery.

Stevie features a twelve-year-long radio series, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, in another episode. The private investigator solves "The Yankee Pride Matter" and "The Jackie Cleaver Matter" in two podcast episodes. Others feature "The Eye of Apollo Dream Farm," "The House of Mystery Case," and "Amnesia Victim."

"The Dion Hartley Murder Case" is the subject of one podcast episode. It comes from a noir radio detective series from the 1940s, Broadway Is My Beat. Stevie describes the show as a "love affair" with the genre. Actor Larry Thor played the role of Detective Danny Clover. He roamed the streets of Broadway in New York City. The episode is the story of a wealthy man who tells Danny someone is about to murder him, but he won't say the person's name. Strange events ensue.

Podcast fans enter the dangerous world of murder island, Texas Rangers, and diamonds. Will best friends kill each other? What happens in "The Chateau McCloud Caper"? Do "The Big Chance" and "The Blow Off" end in death? Will someone save the day? From "The Private Eye Test" to "The Mystery Youngster," the tales are portals to another time. Why does the young girl refuse to reveal her date's killer in "Nighthawk"? The curious will have to find out!

Listeners aren't without a new adventure for long. New episodes of Nostalgic Mystery Radio come out every few days.

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