Letters To Teresa

Danny Prosser & Rachael Clerke

Rot! Leaks! Administration fees! Emails!

A podcast about private renting and housing activism featuring all of the emails exchanged between Danny, Rachael and their estate agent Teresa over the course of a farcical six month tenancy in Bristol.

Each week Danny and Rachael interview a different ‘guest Teresa’ - renters, activists and change-makers -  to explore a host of experiences from across the housing crisis.

Letters to Teresa is created by Rachael Clerke and Danny Prosser, and is produced by Naomi Jackson. Music is by Slagheap. We are thankful for support from Camden People’s Theatre, In Between Time & MAYK.

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Chapter 1: Good Faith
Jun 2 2021
36 mins
Chapter 1: Good FaithChapter 2: The ConditionsChapter 3: Partner Moving InChapter 4: Socket LeakChapter 5: March on the BossChapter 6: Date in the Diary