The Healthcare Leadership Crisis with Dr. Sachin Jain

The Other 80

May 31 2023 • 40 mins

Sachin Jain is setting out to build a very different kind of company—a nationally scaled nonprofit health plan, grounded in Scan’s founding story of 1970s community activists seeking a new future of health for vulnerable communities. In the last two years the 4.5 star Medicare plan has announced a merger with Care Oregon, launched verticals focused on delivering health services to people experiencing homelessness and LGBTQ elders, and expanded to new markets.

We discuss:

  • What’s possible with a longer time horizon
  • How equity and social drivers are becoming the new hustle
  • Why healthcare should borrow less from other industries
  • How “no margin, no mission” is creating ethical laxity
  • Unfinished business from our time together at ONC

Sachin calls for a new era of accountable leadership:

“We need more ethical leadership in health care. And what I mean by that is we need to make sure that the words on the wall of every healthcare organization, the ethical compass, the values, the mission statements, the vision statements, actually mean something, and that the behaviors of leaders actually align to things. I think we've gotten lost in this glib “no margin, no mission” chatter, that creates this ethical laxity in organizations to begin doing things like aggressively billing their patients, or, you know, going so far as to repossess their assets when they can't pay their bills.”

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About Our Guest

Dr. Sachin Jain has worked in clinical medicine, academia, government, big pharma, and the health insurance industry. His passion is in accelerating the pace of change in health care and building a sustainable health care system that addresses the needs of patients. Dr. Jain President and CEO of SCAN Group and Health Plan, a $3.4B non-profit entity that serves over 220,000 patients.  He also serves as a physician at the US Department of Veterans Affairs.  Dr. Jain was previously president and chief executive officer of the CareMore and Aspire Health, the care delivery divisions of Anthem. He is an Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine and Co-Editor-in-Chief, Healthcare: the Journal of Delivery Science and Innovation and trained in internal medicine at Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital. He received his undergraduate (AB), medical (MD), and business degrees (MBA) from Harvard. He has worked in leadership roles at Merck and Company and the US Department of Health and Human Services and has held faculty appointments at Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School.

Follow Sachin Jain on Twitter @sacjai.

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