What's the cost? Weather, electricity, money and the Texas power grid

Across the Sky

Jul 18 2022 • 48 mins

Having insight into weather and how it relates to supply and demand is an important aspect of meteorology, particularly with long-range forecasts.

Our guest this week is Shunondo Basu, a meteorologist in the field of commodities, energy and finance and he helps explain his role in the field.

We talk about weather, energy and money, including what’s up with that Texas electricity grid and how cryptocurrency plays a role.

About the Across the Sky podcast

The weekly weather podcast is hosted on a rotation by the Lee Weather team:

Matt Holiner of Lee Enterprises' Midwest group in Chicago, Kirsten Lang of the Tulsa World in Oklahoma, Joe Martucci of the Press of Atlantic City, N.J., and Sean Sublette of the Richmond Times-Dispatch in Virginia.

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