Episode 1: How to make money from waste?

Seeds For Sustainability' Meeting With Changemakers

Nov 22 2022 • 17 mins

In this episode we had the chance to talk to Eliot Wogu, co founder of #trashcoin. Trashcoin is a start-up from Nigeria, based in Berlin. Eliot founded the company, being inspired by the german pfandsystem, where you can bring your plastic bottles to the supermarkets and they return you 25c per bottle or alumunium can. They developed an app, where people can bring their trash and get paid for it. Seeds For Sustainability is the host of this show. We are a school & consultancy for sustainability. Our mission is to #empower #changemakers and create a #regenerative society and future. We have a club for changemakers, where we meet, share and also learn. Become a free member today: https://seeds-for-sustainability.com/en/the-club/ Have access to the video and transcripts of the interview here at our blog: https://seeds-for-sustainability.com/en/blog/