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She Bangs She Bangs: Marriage, Adultery, Texas & Jesus

Dec 20 2019 • 31 mins

For almost ten years a woman fought for her marriage as her husband cheated on her, abused her, and eventually left her. Believing in marriage and miracles, she stayed and prayed and won her husband home. Years later she had an affair with a married man. Having watched marriage from both sides – first as the waiting wife and then as the mistress - she shares what she's found through story and song. This podcast is for that special group of people fighting for their marriage alone. This podcast is also for that wider group of people who don’t know if they even want to stay married. And this podcast is also for people who just like a good story.

Based on a true story told through one narrative interwoven with popular music. Vocalists: Jennifer Bangs and Michael Muenchow. Guitars: Stephen Jacobs. Drums and Music Mixing: Kyle Denney. Sound Editing: Michael Muenchow. Directing: Tanya Moberly