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My name is Erin and my goal is to help you find time for yourself. Life gets busy and we tend to lose ourselves in the mix of marriage, motherhood, and everything else. Let’s rediscover who you are, your passions, and your desires.I am the mindset coach for women who are tired of making excuses for playing small. Even though you want to blame it on others, deep down you know you are the one holding yourself back. You know you are capable of so much more than you are allowing yourself. Let's make some time for you! Connect with me on Instagram: @erinwoodruffcoaching Website: www.erinwoodruffcoaching.com read less


Finding the Gifts and Opportunities During Trials and Challenges
Apr 1 2024
Finding the Gifts and Opportunities During Trials and Challenges
How could your trials, challenges, and problems feel lighter if you focused on the gifts and opportunities that could come from them? In his book, Shirzad Chamine - Positive Intelligence, outlines the Three Gifts Technique. This technique allows you to shift from the judge saboteur to the sage perspective.When you use the three gifts technique, you are allowing yourself to create more intentional thinking patterns. Ask yourself and come up with at least three scenarios in which this trial, challenge, or struggle, could be a gift or opportunity. It could be days, weeks, or months from now. Disclaimer: “Accepting a bad outcome as a gift does NOT mean inviting more of it, or doing nothing about it.” -Shirzad ChamineThis is not toxic positivity. When you practice in small and simple ways every day, you are strengthening your own positive intelligence muscles. These muscles are a part of the brain that will allow you to handle the normal challenges of life with grace. Listen to this weeks episode to learn how I’ve applied this technique during a 3-week sickness and how it has helped me through the normal struggles of life and motherhood.  Weekly Challenge: Pick one thing in your life at work, at home, or in a relationship that is high-stress for you right now. Try the Three Gifts technique on it: think of at least three ways the problem could turn into a gift and opportunity at some point in the future. FREE DOWNLOAD - The Positive Affirmations for Self-Worth Card Deck https://erinwoodruffcoaching.com/selfworthMusic: Alex Grohl - Journey to the SunResource: AlexGrohl from Pixabay