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Interview with Caroline Brown - Author, Illustrator and Entrepreneur
Feb 19 2023
Interview with Caroline Brown - Author, Illustrator and Entrepreneur
Caroline is a very independent, driven creator. She has taken what life has given her and let that turn into a drive to reach her passion and goals. Caroline is very active in the community. She has grown online and putting her personal skills to help charities and businesses to run at an optimal level. She has been part of organizations that have brought out her talents for production and organizational skills behind-the-scenes tasks, to many online interviews and shows to help them run smoothly. Her ability to get tasks done in a timely matter is how she shines above the rest. She has no fear of doing the work to get jobs done, asking the hard questions, and suggesting changes to meet any deadline. Along with her talents in production, Caroline has taken a journey to reach a place in her life where she is enjoying her creative side. She has recently written and published a book of poems, "The Freedom of Dreams" that share deep emotions about her past and present. These poems have touched many people's lives because they touch the heartstrings and connect with people deeply. She has completed a children's book, "Harriet The Turtle In The Woods" and is currently working on a second children's book. Her passion for writing is to reach people's hearts by sharing life lessons in each chapter that she writes and illustrates. Caroline likes to challenge herself and has opened up to the world of painting with different techniques to create pieces she loves to share online and with family and friends. We know her as a person you can count on in any situation. She always has an open ear to listen and the strength to tell people the tough truth. Carol's journey will continue as she finishes online courses, speaks with coaches, and is involved with many online groups that share the same core value and which is love and serving others. Read about Caroline and her projects and see the interview uploaded on YouTube.  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: