Passing the Plate Podcast

Ashley Covelli and Lisa Lisson

The Passing the Plate podcast is all about food, traditions, and the wonderful connections they create. Each week, co-hosts Ashley Covelli of Big Flavors from a Tiny Kitchen and Lisa Lisson of Are You My Cousin? will guide you on a flavor-packed adventure.

Tune in to dive into family history, explore new cultures and cuisines, and preserve favorite recipes for future generations. Every episode of Passing the Plate guarantees to be a feast for the senses and a celebration of togetherness.

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07: Culinary Calamities: When the Whisk Meets the Wall
Feb 29 2024
07: Culinary Calamities: When the Whisk Meets the Wall
Who hasn't witnessed a molten brownie ooze into the oven's netherworld, or watched in horrified fascination as a perfectly poached egg morphs into a gooey alien life form?In this episode, we raise a (slightly singed) spatula to the messy, hilarious, and surprisingly liberating world of kitchen mishaps. We'll share our own epic culinary fails, from oven fires to an oily mess of an overturned bottle of olive oil, and revel in the universal truth: everyone burns dinner sometimes. Join us as we explore the hilarity of kitchen chaos, learn (mostly) helpful tips to avoid future disasters, and discover the unexpected charm of embracing the unexpected. Remember, perfection is overrated – true kitchen magic lies in the laughter, the improvisations, and the stories born from spilled milk and scorched cookies. So, grab your oven mitts, dust off your apron (and your sense of humor), and join us for a delicious celebration of culinary calamity. Buckle up, butterfingers, it's gonna be a wild ride!See shownotes for this episode at for tuning in to the Passing the Plate podcast! Ready to dig deeper into your kitchen adventures? Make sure to visit: Check out the Passing the Plate website.Check out our webinar and ebook on our Resource page.Ashley at Big Flavors from a Tiny Kitchen: Get inspired by delicious recipes and start cooking delicious food at home no matter your skill level.Lisa at Are You My Cousin?: Learn how to find your ancestors, grow your family tree and uncover fascinating family histories and stories that connect us through food. Stay hungry for knowledge, keep the stories simmering, and join us again for our next delicious episode!