Quantum Drive: The Orville Podcast

The Geek Generation

A podcast discussing the television series The Orville, hosted by Rob Logan and Katie Peters. Part of The Geek Generation Network.

David A. Goodman, Executive Producer and WriterDigressions (Season 2.5)Launch Day (Season 2.5)New Beginnings (Season 1.5)The Road Not Taken (The Orville – S02E14)Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow (The Orville – S02E13)Sanctuary (The Orville – S02E12)Lasting Impressions (The Orville – S02E11)Blood of Patriots (The Orville – S02E10)Identity (Behind-the-Scenes) w/ Brooke NoskaIdentity, Part II (The Orville – S02E09)Identity, Part I (The Orville – S02E08)Deflectors (The Orville – S02E07)A Happy Refrain (The Orville – S02E06)All the World is Birthday Cake (The Orville – S02E05)Nothing Left On Earth Excepting Fishes (The Orville – S02E04)Home (Behind-the-Scenes) w/ Lex CassarHome (The Orville – S02E03)Primal Urges (The Orville – S02E02)Ja’loja (The Orville – S02E01)