Zanna and Billiam

Susannah Abel-Zucker

Briefly put, Zanna & Billiam is a podcast about television. It consists of the dynamic duo Susannah and Will: teenage, TV-obsessed, best friends. Together, they’ll cover a number of shows they find crucial to their friendship, shows like Portlandia, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and 30 Rock. Recapping, reviewing, and relishing a different episode each week, you can expect plenty of strong opinions, deep dives, inside jokes, and above all, friendship, comedy, writing, dreams(both nighttime and aspirational), quotes, and above all, television.

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The Good Place: Most Improved Player (1.8)
The Good Place: Most Improved Player (1.8)30 Rock: What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year? (6.22)B99: The Jimmy Jab Games (2.3)Portlandia: Weirdo Beach (6.4)Downton: 201SNL: Andy Samberg (39.21)Parks and Rec: Bailout (5.16) (ft. Audrey)The Good Place: The Burrito (2.12)30 Rock: The Moms (4.20)B99: Debbie (7.5) (Ft. Audrey!)Portlandia: Amore (7.5)
Apr 17 2021
1 hr 30 mins
Downton Abbey: 1.7SNL: Paul Rudd/DJ Khaled(44.21)Parks and Rec: The End of the World (4.6) (ft. Audrey!)The Good Place: You've Changed, ManB99: 99 (5.9) (ft. Audrey!)30 Rock: Anna Howard Shaw Day (4.13)Portlandia: Trailblazers (4.07)SNL: John Mulaney/Jack White (43.18)Community: Mixology Certification (2.10)