Welcome to The MYFB Podcast

MYFB Podcast

Nov 11 2021 • 1 min

Welcome to, The MYFB Podcast, obviously an acronym for Mind Your Fucking Business. I am your host Ambition, an award-winning speaker, serial entrepreneur (currently juggling three businesses), and intensely focused on providing you with the tools to gain the success you desire. Oh, and most importantly, your guide as you learn to Mind Your Fucking BUSINESS.

Come back each week as we break down paradigms that are no longer serving us. Empowering you to not only gain the information, but providing the tools to implement this knowledge into your business, relationships, and more. MYFB isn't about a podcast or a subset of information. It's about a lifestyle developed through authenticity, entrepreneurship, healing, and action.

Stories, Tips, and Tricks from Authentic & Free Entrepreneurs and Out of the Box thinkers.

Imagine a world of success and an abundance of triumphs. Happiness is a promise you can bet on; on the horizon of tomorrow.

Your victory is won through your TRUTHS!

Dedicated to those who win their success and freedom through their authenticity.