Chris Sorensen

What Makes You Click with Kelvin Bulluck

Mar 5 2021 • 54 mins

On this episode of What Makes You Click, Kelvin welcomes Chris Sorensen, self-taught photographer of faces and places. Chris wasn’t interested in photography until later in life, in fact, he worked in finance for 12 years. Listen in as he sheds light on the genesis of his creativity, beginning with a love for reading and writing, continuing with acting and modeling, and eventually leading to photography at the age of 40!

Chris’s willingness to uproot himself, travel, and immerse himself in unique subcultures has certainly influenced his success as a photographer. He explains why he is drawn to portraiture the most and shares his candid thoughts on some of his greatest projects, like Fulton Street and Wife During Quarantine.

“Find what you love to shoot and shoot that. Don’t shoot what other people want to see.”   - Chris Sorensen

Tune in to learn the importance of portfolio reviews, who and what has influenced Chris’s aesthetic, and to hear words of wisdom on authentically pursuing your art. Plus, Chris offers advice on strategically entering photography competitions and talks about how entering contests has impacted his career.

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