Melanie Dunea

What Makes You Click with Kelvin Bulluck

Feb 26 2021 • 48 mins

On this episode of What Makes You Click, Kelvin welcomes award-winning American photographer and author, best known for the book series My Last Supper, Melanie Dunea.

Melanie sheds light on the beginning of her interest in photography and writing, as well as the evolution of her career, having grown up with a mother who owned a bookstore and a grandfather who was a newspaper editor.

She tells the story of deciding to shoot her shot at being a fabulous photojournalist in Paris before “failing” and going to college back in the states. She shares her candid thoughts on majoring in photography versus being self-taught, as well as what it felt like to realize she wasn’t going to be successful in Paris.

“How I learned was knowing what I wanted and figuring out how to get there. You don’t need a fancy camera… you need to know what you want.”    -   Melanie Dunea

Melanie then highlights the power of listening to people’s feedback and following your gut, while speaking on how she used the Don’t Play With Your Food series to prove her skills to herself. She reflects on some of her favorite projects and opportunities, her opinions on seeking agency representation, and how the pandemic has shifted everyone’s perspective and presence in life.

“There are moments when you do need to stop and look at what is happening and see if there is room for you to grow and push… there are moments to also not push, those are hard.”   - Melanie Dunea

Tune in to learn the inspiration and creative process behind My Last Supper, the power in giving back, and the key to building and leveraging your network to reach your potential.

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