Stephanie Diani

What Makes You Click with Kelvin Bulluck

Mar 19 2021 • 1 hr 9 mins

On this episode of What Makes You Click, Kelvin welcomes editorial and commercial photographer and director, Stephanie Diani. Stephanie has overcome so much in her career and in her life as a female artist and she’s here to talk about it all.

Stephanie speaks on how her creativity has evolved since her childhood, when her love of photography was sparked by an interest in her brother’s camera. Having been raised by strict and sheltering parents, yet always desiring to travel and explore, Stephanie tells the tumultuous story of why she ended up getting a college degree in classical archaeology and her experience with anxiety and panic attacks.

She details how she stubbornly chased success in the photography industry, despite being shot down several times, and speaks on how she’s able to stay determined while battling self-doubt, validation, and criticism. Through it all, she’s truly developed more faith in herself, her unique viewpoint, and her craftsmanship.

“If I can make a photo that has that ability to make somebody stop and take a look… that’s a huge success to me.”  - Stephanie Diani

Tune in to learn Stephanie’s candid thoughts on keeping up with rapidly changing trends and fads, especially on social media, how she launched and grew a freelance photography career after moving to NYC, and the projects that keep her creative fire burning. Plus, find out what she’s working on creating this year!

About the Guest:

Stephanie Diani is a New York-based photographer who makes portraits of A-list celebrities and others for a cool group of discerning editors, art buyers and creative directors. She uses cinematic light and shadow to capture the subtle nuances of her subjects in moments of contemplation, humor or playfulness.

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