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Comedian Remy Kassimir had NEVER had an orgasm, so she started this podcast to figure it out. Spoiler alert: SHE DID IT! And now in its fourth season How C*m has helped 400+ "Cumpanions" have their first O's, we've had hundreds of expert guests (scientists/porn/Fran Drescher + beyond) tell Remy their first time c*mming stories, all with huge laughs along the way. C*m join us!

07 Remy Goes To A Sex Party (Melissa Vitale & Betsy Carroll)
Mar 25 2018
07 Remy Goes To A Sex Party (Melissa Vitale & Betsy Carroll)
NSFW has been dubbed "the Soho House of Sex" by Their 800 members range from busy New Yorkers, Fortune 500 executives to international models and entrepreneurs. The Brooklyn-based private club and digital agency connects like-minded millennials with vice-category brands in sexual wellness, cannabis and adventure.    NSFW (The New Society for Wellness) hosts monthly adventures ("SEX PARTIES"!!)  including Clubhouse, Dankquet and Playdate with curated experiences  at a 4 story townhome in Williamsburg.   Remy got to attend one of those events and brought her friend and fellow comedian Betsy Carroll. In this episode we tell you what went down as we interview Melissa Vitale, independent PR goddess for NSFW.   Follow us on Instagram @HowCumPodcast @MelissaavitalePR @betsycarroll @remykassimir   Shoutouts to comedians Jes Tom, Chrissie Mayr & Allan Fuks who were also at the partay (and we mention in this ep)!   ----    Timestamps! (This episode is LONG and juicy but here are some timestamps if you need to hurry! AND THERE'S A BONUS AT THE END AFTER THE OUTRO SONG!)    4:00 Melissa Describes NSFW   5:15 REMY DOES A GIVEAWAY!   7:43 How Melissa Got Involved With NSFW   11:00 How are Orgasms Related to The Me Too Movement    15:57 We Go To The Party- I Punch a Sex Doll    19:13 Betsy Makes A Great Point About Tampons   23:00 Whips and Floggers at The Party   32:33 Remy and Betsy Try The MotorBunnies at The Party   42:43 Melissa's First Sex Party    46:36 Opinions on Lingerie and An Intro to Tantric Sex   1:05:00 The Issue with Fingerblasting    1:09:00 Remy gets AN ASSIGNMENT   1:13:26-- A LITTLE BIT EXTRA-- SKIP AHEAD TO THIS IF YOU WERE INVOLVED WITH THE INSTAGRAM POLLS THIS WEEK!! A CRAZY STORY OF MASS SEXTING THAT YOU NEED TO BEWARE