Ep. 245 D23 Marvel & Star Wars News Recap! She-Hulk Ep. 5 Breakdown! House of the Dragon Ep Review! DC, MCU & Horror News! Tokyo Game Show News! & Our AEW Grand Slam Preview!

The Amazing Nerd Show

Sep 17 2022 • 1 hr 43 mins

Time Stamps:


Tales of the Jedi Trailer Reaction- 03:31

Mando Season 3 Trailer Reaction - 10:40

Bad Batch Season 2- 18:23

Ahsoka Casting News- 19:56

Secret Invasion Trailer Trailer Reaction -22:54

Werewolf By Night Trailer Reaction - 33:19

Ant Man 3 Ties directly into Avengers 5?- 38:32

Loki Season 2 Casting- 40:02

Echo/Daredevil/Fantastic 4 Updates- 41:37

Thunderbolts Team Revealed- 44:04

Cap 4's Big Bad!?- 46:24

Ryan Cooglers next MCU Project?- 50:07

The Strangers Trilogy- 53:37

Sony Delays Spider Spinoffs- 55:41

Constantine is Canceled & Revived???- 56:19

House of the Dragon Ep.4- 57:04

She Hulk Ep.5 Breakdown - 01:03:07

D23 Game Showcase + Tokyo Game Show 2022!- 01:16:42

AEW Grand Slam Preview- 01:23:14

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