Is it time to call in the Grandmothers?

The Rise of the Feminine

Oct 31 2016 • 47 mins

In the final episode of this first series of The Rise of the Feminine we reflect on the topics discussed with guests, revisit highlights of the show, where more than 40 different experts provided wisdom and important insights informing our present and future. The main topic for the episode is the role of elders, primarily women elders. We will look at the significance of the older, wise women and the archetype of the grandmother and the contribution they have been making to the rise of the feminine. As we move away from patriarchy, the dominant culture of the last few thousand years, this show is interested in how we view women leaders who are older, and explore why we have such a problem with older women in society. With contributions from Gary Malkin, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Philippa Blackham and Janice Dolley.