The Price of Motherhood - Too Expensive, Cheap Labour or Priceless?

The Rise of the Feminine

Oct 24 2016 • 55 mins

Today we have five guests on our subject of motherhood exploring the cost of this to women, the lost opportunities and how a new narrative is being created about maternity leave and women returning to work. This is a great follow-on from previous conversations about the Feminisation of Business because achieving greater equality at the top of organisations is very much hampered by women leaving the talent pipeline that serves those executive positions. Taking time out for motherhood is obviously a key factor. My conversations will be with Prof Shelley Correll from the Michelle R. Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford Universit: Indra Adnan of the Soft Power Network, a specialist in ‘new’ transformational politics, London: Andrea Vitullo, co-author of Maternity is the Master and CEO of Inspire, based in Milan, Italy: Dr Giorgia Arnaboldi, CEO Shell Germany: and finally Dr Kaouthar Darmoni, asst Professor of Gender and Media in the Netherlands.