Feminine Wisdom

The Rise of the Feminine

Sep 12 2016 • 54 mins

This week’s episode covers the topic of Feminine Wisdom. We're going to look at the difference that women can bring when they participate in the workplace and anywhere that we can be fully represented. We also look at other environments where we can bring our wisdom and contribute what is different about the way we see the world. My first guest is Karen Wilhelm Buckley, who has been a champion for decades in the conversation of bringing feminine wisdom to corporate life. Next I talk to Betty Ann Heggie, a member of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women Hall of Fame - she’ll present our Country Report. My third guest is leadership coach Nyali Muir. She’ll talk about her coaching in feminine wisdom and how her own experience, of walking her talk and living her life in trust brought her the opportunity to coach the Kenyan Olympic team.