50 Shades of Men

The Rise of the Feminine

Oct 3 2016 • 53 mins

Just as women are finding empowerment and thriving in an era of increasing leadership by women, men are using the rise of the feminine to explore their own masculinity which for many has become out-dated and restrictive. Whether it's via coaching or men's groups, men are finding ways to understand and express themselves. Is this easier for younger generations or different cultures? This week's guests are Man Whisperer Kenny Mammarella D'Cruz reporting that men are no less frustrated at being able to find the right partner than women are. American in Paris, David Brower, reflects on how French culture brings a different masculinity to French men: and Nick Haines, founder of the Vitality Test, deconstructs his role as a father to three sons, preparing them for a new world of more open self-expression.