24 Leading Through Change: The Power of Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence with Ira Wolfe

The Knowing Self Knowing Others Podcast

Jul 3 2023 • 30 mins

Can you imagine leading your team through today's unpredictable and ever-changing work environment without self-awareness? Ira Wolff, a Hall of Fame speaker and future of work global thought leader, joins us to explore this crucial component of effective leadership. As a baby boomer, Ira shares his personal journey of self-awareness and its impact on his ability to adapt and thrive in the face of constant change.

Together, we dive into the relationship between self-awareness and emotional intelligence, discussing the importance of a growth mindset in navigating the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) landscape we face today. We also touch on the role of mentorship in fostering self-awareness and the impact of mental health in the workplace. Don't miss this enlightening and thought-provoking conversation with Ira Wolff, packed with insights that will inspire you to become a more self-aware and effective leader.

About Ira Wolfe...

Top 5 Global Thought Leader Future of Work and HR | Workplace Futurist / Recruitment Marketing Strategist / Employee Selection Expert / Author / TEDx Speaker / Virtual Keynote Speaker/ Podcaster

I'm both fascinated and terrified by the pace of exponential change and VUCA. Disruption, innovation, creativity, and disruptive transformation inspires me. I'm excited how the convergence of ideas, humans, and technology might improve the quality of life for all, advancing education, reducing poverty, protecting our planet and ...the list goes on. But the accelerating pace of technology also terrifies me, specifically when it comes to the growing knowledge gap, shifts in power, and widespread naivete of the masses.

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Interviewed and quoted in Inc Magazine, Business Week,

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