37 Self Awareness or Overthinking: Navigating the Fine Line, with Andrew Sewell

The Knowing Self Knowing Others Podcast

Oct 30 2023 • 24 mins

Welcome to another episode of The Knowing Self Knowing Others podcast! In today's episode, we are joined by, Andrew Sewell, a leadership coach and the author of "The Overthinker's Guide to Life".  Andrew's expertise lies in 'overthinking', a topic that we frequently discuss on this podcast in relation to self-awareness. Today, we delve deeper into the question of when self-awareness becomes rumination and overthinking. We also explore the definition of self-awareness and its significance in leadership effectiveness.

Andrew is a former advertising creative who made a bold career shift in midlife. Instead of continuing to climb the corporate ladder, he decided to pursue his passion for psychology and inner leadership work. Andrew's experiences as a writer and idea generator in advertising gave him a unique perspective on the power of imagination, but also led to constant overthinking and stress. In his quest to find balance, Andrew shares his journey as a recovering overthinker and how he has changed his relationship with his thoughts. Andrew made the decision to become a leadership coach, combining his professional background with his deep understanding of psychology. With his expertise in both creativity and mental well-being, Andrew now helps individuals navigate their own journeys of self-discovery and personal growth.

Join us as we uncover the importance of self-awareness as a leader and how it can greatly impact personal and professional growth. Stay tuned for an insightful conversation with Andrew Sewell!

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