30 The Value of People Management with Alison Reynolds

The Knowing Self Knowing Others Podcast

Sep 11 2023 • 41 mins

In today's episode,  Nia Thomas is joined by special guest Alison Reynolds to dive into the fascinating world of data-driven decision-making, the importance of self-awareness in leadership, and the complexities of personality profiling tools like Myers Briggs. As they explore these topics, they'll discuss the role of organisation development (OD) in creating holistic approaches to talent management, the changing landscape of work-life balance, and the power of cognitive diversity in solving today's complex problems. Get ready for thought-provoking insights and captivating conversations that will leave you inspired to embrace your own self-awareness and unlock your full potential.

Alison has a diverse background in HR, with extensive experience in the field before transitioning into freelance work. Surprisingly, she was never a big fan of psychometrics, especially personality-based ones, particularly when it came to using them for recruitment purposes. Alison firmly believes that individuals have the ability to adapt their behavior, and that self-awareness is key to personal growth and effectiveness. As an HR director, she preferred using the well-established Myers Briggs tool for leadership development, as it was not licensed for recruitment and aligned with her belief system. Given her familiarity with Myers Briggs from her past role, it was a natural choice for Alison to pursue certification in it when she started freelancing.

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