Episode 16 - Molly Beach Murphy, Jeanna Phillips, Alex Thrailkill, Annie Tippe, Michelle Elliott & Danny Haengil Larsen: Cowboy Bob & Hart Island

The Musicals of Tomorrow

Mar 3 2022 • 53 mins

This episode features discussions about Molly Beach Murphy, Jeanna Phillips, Alex Thrailkill, and Annie Tippe’s Cowboy Bob and Michelle Elliott and Danny Haengil Larsen’s Hart Island.  COWBOY BOB (by Molly Beach Murphy, Jeanna Phillips and Alex Thrailkill) - You wouldn’t look twice at Peggy Jo. She was a good daughter, always tipped well at restaurants, but disguised as “Cowboy Bob” in a fake beard and a ten-gallon hat, she was the slickest bank robber Texas has ever known. Making her get-away in a sky blue 1975 Pontiac Grand Prix, she was a modern-day bandit stealing thousands and evading detection for more than a decade. With a score that's equal parts Riot Grrrl rage and Texas two-step twang, this tale of a small-town legend spurs a discontented chain-restaurant waitress to buck routine, take life by the reins, and let it ride. HART ISLAND (by Michelle Elliott and Danny Haengil Larsen) - Just off the shore of New York City lies a sorrowful island that serves as a public burial ground for the lonely, forgotten, or impoverished of the city. Hart Island is an inspiring and emotional tale of an immigrant woman fighting for her child, and the unexpected compassion of a disillusioned inmate who is the only person who can help her. This hauntingly beautiful new musical observes two people on the fringe of society as they change each other’s lives forever. Featuring performances from Natascia Diaz, Ashley Pérez Flanagan, Rodney Hicks, Gizel Jiménez and Grace McLean Connect with Molly Beach Murphy: Instagram: @mollybeach Twitter: @mollybeachmurph  Connect with Jeanna Phillips: Instagram: @thelonliestmonk Connect with Annie Tippe: Instagram: @tippe_annie Connect with Michelle Elliott: Instagram: @saladsoftheresistance Connect with Danny Haengil Larsen: Instagram: @dannyhlarsen Connect with New York Theatre Barn: Support us: nytheatrebarn.org/give Twitter: @nytheatrebarn Instagram: @newyorktheatrebarn  Facebook.com/nytheatrebarn nytheatrebarn.org Joe’s personal Instagram: @bisforbarros Jen’s personal Instagram: @jensandler Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices