Episode 18 - Amy Engelhardt, Sara Cooper & Lynne Shankel: Bastard Jones & Perpetual Sunshine & The Ghost Girls

The Musicals of Tomorrow

Mar 31 2022 • 47 mins

This episode features discussions about Amy Engelhardt and Marc Acito’s Bastard Jones and Sara Cooper and Lynne Shankel’s Perpetual Sunshine & The Ghost Girls.  BASTARD JONES (by Amy Engelhardt and Marc Acito) - Bastard Jones is a sexy, smart, rollicking new musical comedy that combines a bouncy pop score with period farce. When charming, low-born Tom makes the mistake of wooing Sophia Shepherd, daughter of the pompous Reverend Shepherd, a chain of secrets, schemings and multiple bed-hoppings are set in motion. Based on Henry Fielding’s 1749 Brit lit satire Tom Jones, ths musical reimagines the young, irrepressible foundling Tom Jones as an electric guitar in a harpsichord world.  PERPETUAL SUNSHINE & THE GHOST GIRLS (by Sara Cooper and Lynne Shankel) - Perpetual Sunshine & the Ghost Girls is an all-woman+ through composed musical theatre piece about the capitalist exploitation of workers’ bodies and rights in the face of a national public health crisis. Featuring an original 1920s-2020s mashup score, the show is based on the true story of the women who worked in the factories and were knowingly poisoned by the United States Radium Corporation, and who fought back, changing United States labor laws forever. Perpetual Sunshine & the Ghost Girls is a 2022 Richard Rodgers Award winner. Featuring performances from Katelyn Baughman, Piper Bruce, Colette Caspari, Brian Davis, Amy Engelhardt, Audrey Hare, Don Howes, Autumn Key, Jessi Kirtley, Eden Mau, Claire Marie Miller, Alexa Lopez, Andie Peterson, Josh Raff, Evan Ruggiero, Lauren Senden, Bella Serano, Leila Shaye and Elena Wang Connect with Amy Engelhardt: Instagram: @amyengelhardt Connect with Sara Cooper: Instagram: @_saradioactive Twitter: @sarachnoid Connect with Lynne Shankel: Instagram: @shanktunes Twitter: @LynneShankel Connect with New York Theatre Barn: Support us: nytheatrebarn.org/give Twitter: @nytheatrebarn Instagram: @newyorktheatrebarn  Facebook.com/nytheatrebarn nytheatrebarn.org Joe’s personal Instagram: @bisforbarros Jen’s personal Instagram: @jensandler Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices