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UT and the Eagle Scout
Feb 3 2023
UT and the Eagle Scout
How much money do you need to live a stress-free life?   That might depend on how well your investments are performing. ‘   In this episode, we talk to the Director of Marketing, Liz Goldreich.   And Trinity co-founder Sanjay Chandra.    Sanjay credits his success to his education at the University of Texas and his achievement as an Eagle Scout.    Today you will learn why he gave such a sizable donation to UT,  how he can always tell when he meets an Eagle Scout and his secret to living a stress-free life with financial stability.    This is Hunting Alpham, a podcast for investors who demand a greater than the market return on their investments.    KEY TAKEAWAYS   1. Investing doesn’t have to be stressful. You can choose to grow your wealth without the stock market or the stress that comes with it.    2. When you invest in specific projects with specific people, it’s easy to know what’s happening with your investment. When you have a defined return amount and date, it can be very peaceful.   3. 97 to 99% of Trinity Investors are self-made. They created their wealth, so they like having a say in where their money goes and where it doesn’t.    4. Eagle Scout is one of the only things from your youth that stays with you forever. It’s a great investment because it develops discipline and tenacity, and it never goes down in value.    5. Like Liz Goldreich says, what’s wealth without health? Be brave, go to the doctor, listen to them, and take their advice.   You’ll not only sleep better at night knowing you're healthy, but being healthy will help you sleep better at night.   Remember to subscribe and like this podcast series so you’ll get alerts when new episodes are available.