Edvolution Podcast

Shireen Jaffer

What leads people to evolve, unlearn, or drastically change the course of their life? What happens when you stop relying on societal constructs and start questioning what you’ve been taught to believe? Join Edvo CEO Shireen Jaffer and an eclectic mix of guests as they attempt to find the answers to these questions. Earnest, raw, and compelling, this is a look into how we make the most important choices of our lives.
Rejecting Societal Expectations and Building a Meaningful Career, with Jen GlantzWhen Your Life Falls Apart and You Want to Quit, with Tyrone RossFinding Motivation and What To Do When Work Becomes Your Identity, with Justin WelshFinding Yourself in a Stunted Relationship and Reinventing Yourself, with Carlita ColeyHealing From Abuse, Sexual Trauma and Advocating For Yourself, with LaToya ZavalaChoosing a Different Life and Finding a Support System, with Emily AdamsFighting Depression and Choosing to Live For Yourself, with Chris AtokiGetting Sick From Stress and Choosing Happiness, with Alex SmithFeeling Unhappy and Finding Self-Empowerment through Solo Traveling, with Nabila IsmailDealing with the Dark Side of Non-Profits and Betting On Yourself, with Rebecca JacobsFeeling Stuck and Finding Your Passion through Side-Hustles, with Austin BelcakEscaping Poverty and Choosing Yourself to Build Wealth, with Melissa StrawnUnderstanding Racism and Unlearning Limiting Beliefs, with Veline MojarroSasha Shilko: Tech Burnout, Dealing with Anxiety, SabbaticalsTrish Lindo: Gut Instincts, Developing Perspectives, Self-Reliance & ResilienceJill Knobeloch: Dealing with Emptiness, Rationality vs Intuition, RelationshipsDeborah Benton: Chasing Stability, Learning to Think, Success in School & Work - EdvoDaria Tsvenger: Childhood, Emotional Trauma, How Our Brains ReactElizabeth Marks: Navigating a Financial Crisis, Freelancing, Career Advice - Edvo