The MCTS Experience

Mercer County Technical Schools

Mercer County Technical Schools are proud to announce the start of "The MCTS Experience". We are here to help students, parents, and school leaders navigate opportunities and bring knowledge to everyone about our schools. Our fearless leaders, Mick Orfe and David Nash will be the hosts of this podcast bringing in guests to help further the listening experience. We will post a full episode monthly and mini-episodes each month. Please subscribe! We are on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and our www.mcts.edu website. If you have any suggestions or questions please email Nick Sakowski at nsakowski@mcts.edu. Also, we have our new segment of "The MCTS Experience" called "The Principals' Office"! Dr. Fazzone and Mr. Mattia will be your hosts. We will discuss matters for both schools and any news or updates. Make sure to complete this form to submit questions to the show: https://bit.ly/tpomcts. Enjoy!
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S4 E04.0: November 2021
S4 E04.0: November 2021S4 E03.0: October 2021S4 E02.0: September 2021S4 E01.0: August 2021Joaquin Vega - Experiencia del maestro a través de CTEJoaquin Vega - Colocaciones en pasantías, aprendizajes y trabajosJoaquin Vega - Habilidades necesarias en un currículumJoaquin Vega - Preparación para entrevistas y durante ellasS3 E10.1: Our New MCTS Principals - Mr. Munford and Mr. WarrenS3 E10.0: June 2021S3 E9.0: May 2021CTE con David Lugo - Episodio en español con Santiago GiraldoCTE con David Lugo - Episodio en español con Karla HernandezCTE con David Lugo - Episodio en español con Edwin GarciaCTE con David Lugo - Episodio en español con Dayana CoronadoCTE con David Lugo - Episodio en español con Jessica GushnayS3 E8.0: April 2021S3 E7.0: March 2021S3 E6.0: February 2021S3 E5.0: January 2021