Prioritizing Happiness + Relationships & Money With Ken Blackman

The Way of Wealth With Jesse Johnson

Oct 29 2020 • 39 mins

In this episode of the Success Sessions, Jesse sits down with Ken Blackman to discuss what it means to live a successful life.  Ken's passion topic these days is how women's empowerment intersects with intimate coupledom. A former Apple software engineer turned international sex and intimacy educator turned relationship coach, Ken is in his 20th year of helping couples bond, have great sex, thrive, and live happily ever after. His work has garnered mentions in Cosmo, Playboy, Business Insider, and Tim Ferriss's 4-Hour series. His upcoming book is titled Powerful Woman Confident Man.

Topics covered here include: Kens belief that the universe desires to give you more than what you believe is possible for yourself if only you’d allow for it, why you must let go of goals and expectations in able to receive more, the power of personal responsibility and how it will change your life, what it means to prioritize happiness, and more.

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Timestamp Notes:

[1:55] How Ken defines success and how it’s changed over time. Material wealth, or internal states of being?

[10:45] How do our goals and our relationship to money fit within the context of orgasmic meditation?

[16:48] The evolution of Jesse and Srikala’s relationship with guidance from Ken.

[22:32] How Ken’s overextending himself as a risk taker resulted in him hitting a wall financially.

[29:17] The connection between sex, pleasure, and money.

[35:23] Are you currently fantasizing about how a future partner will fulfil xyz for you?