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Lisa Orme - Money, Mortgages & Motivation

Dec 9 2022 • 30 mins

In this episode I am joined by Tim Bishop, we discuss conveyancing basics, what is it and what does it involve, how to find a good one, and more.

This is part one of a five part podcast I recorded with Tim, be sure to look out for future episodes.

You can watch the video for this podcast on my YouTube channel here.

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About Tim:
Tim qualified as a Solicitor in 1987, initially working as a music lawyer. After leaving law in his 20s for what he describes as “getting my midlife crisis out of the way early”), he spent 4 years in the music industry releasing number of records and doing various production and session work. Having dismally failed in an attempt at pop stardom he then returned to law, creating Bonallack & Bishop. Since then Tim, as the firm’s sole owner for over 20 years, has spearheaded its expansion, currently employing 65 people.

15 years ago Tim gave up running a legal caseload to concentrate full-time on growing the firm. He has been responsible for the firm’s take over of 6 local law firms, and the development of a series of specialist niche areas of practice for clients locally, nationwide and overseas – including the firms highly successful property investor and leasehold teams.

Tim describes himself as an entrepreneur who owns a law firm. In addition to owning Bonallack & Bishop, Tim is an active investor and developer, with experience of commercial conversion, HMOs, and most recently the purchase of 11 bed B&B to convert into a 13 unit apart hotel. He is also the process of buying the 1st commercial property into the family SSAS pension. Tim is a regular speaker in the property community with around 70 Zoom talks and podcasts under his belt

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