ENCORE: Improving Your Private Practice Website with Daniel Fava

Selling the Couch

Aug 25 2022 • 37 mins

Like many of you, I’m looking forward to a different 2021, but I am grateful for what we’ve learned about ourselves, our businesses, and our resilience. Today’s topic is more relevant than ever, as we all want to learn more about improving our private practice website. Join us to learn more! Our Featured Guest Daniel FavaDaniel Fava, from Private Practice Elevation, is my friend and an expert in website design. I trust his insight and advice, and I rely heavily on him for everything website-related. Daniel is here to share what is working for private practice websites post-pandemic. Much of what we think about our private practice websites has shifted greatly during the COVID-19 pandemic, and what used to serve us well may not be working now. As many of us are transitioning to full-time online counseling or at least some increased element of online therapy, Daniel’s advice is relevant and timely. https://my.captivate.fm/www.privatepracticeelevation.com (Website) https://my.captivate.fm/www.privatepracticeelevation.com/roi (ROI Report) https://my.captivate.fm/www.privatepracticeelevation.com/stc-audit (Website Audit) You'll Learn:What has changed about websites and online traffic since the pandemic began Three things that are working well for private practice websites: A professional website is more important than ever. People are searching online, so you need to have a presence there that stands out. Content is the foundation for getting found online. Foundational content includes your home page, service pages, and specialty pages. Online therapy has become an essential part of private practice. Your website audience is now expanded throughout your entire state, instead of just your local vicinity.  How to incorporate non-written content, like videos and podcasts, into your website Why you should take this opportunity to view your website through new eyes Transcript:Melvin: Hello, welcome to session 262 of Selling the Couch. I hope you are having a good start to the New Year. Man after the fun adventure that was 2020 I am really looking forward to a different 2021. At the same time, I feel like I'm so grateful. As hard as this has been that in some ways that we were able to go through this because I think it's definitely taught all of us just how resilient we are; especially if you have been able to manage a business and during a pandemic, you're pretty legit. So today's podcast session is with my good friend Daniel Fava from Private Practice Elevation. Daniel is an expert when it comes to website design. It's someone I rely on for both STC and my private practice website. And Daniel is here to share three of the things that are working for private practice websites post-pandemic. I know that how we think about private practice and even how we think about our private practice websites has shifted in the midst of this pandemic. There are just things that were working in the past that are not working as well now and we've learned a lot of insights and key things in terms of what could work and what will be working going forward. Especially as many of us transition either fully to online counseling or maintain some element of online counseling in our practices. I think there are just a lot of different things there. So we'll get right to today's conversation. Here is my conversation with Daniel Fava from privatepracticeelevation.com. Hey, Daniel, welcome back to Selling the Couch. Daniel: Hey Melvin, how's it going? Thanks so much for having me back. Melvin: You're welcome. And Happy New Year, because by the time this releases, it'll be the New Year. Daniel: That's right. That's always the interesting and strange part of recording podcasts is the timing bit because we're recording before Christmas, but we're saying Happy New Year. Melvin: Yes, absolutely. We have to get it all in our mind. Daniel: Yeah. Melvin: I'm really excited...