304: How To Build An Email List Alongside Your Online Course

Selling the Couch

Mar 10 2022 • 34 mins

Today’s session features a coaching call about how to build an email list simultaneously with an online course. You’ve probably heard that social media is the best option for building an email list, but is it? There are pros and cons to consider. Join us as we discuss this topic that is relevant to many people. I hope it’s helpful for you! Our Featured Guest for today’s coaching call: Tami Zak, AMFT Tami Zak was part of our first beta group for Online Course School last fall. Her practice is based in northern California, but she works virtually with clients from all over the state. To broaden her reach and the help she wants to offer couples, Tami launched her podcast, Marriage Breakdown, in 2021. Tami now faces the dilemma of developing her email list along with her online course, and she is overwhelmed with where and how to begin. You are invited to listen to the coaching call with Tami and Melvin! https://affinitycouplescounseling.com/ (Affinity Couples Counseling) https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/marriage-breakdown/id1565837597 (Marriage Breakdown podcast) You’ll Learn: Tami’s online course idea to further develop her podcast topics and help couples communicate better Why an email list is important alongside an online course Why depending on social media alone to build a loyal following is not altogether sufficient How Tami feels overwhelmed and intimidated about where to start and where to spend money to build an email list Melvin’s tip #1: “There isn’t one solution to building an email list, but it’s more about what aligns with your creative energy.” How to focus on building “your island” in the social media “ocean” How Tami uses her lead magnet on her podcast and website to help build her email list–and she’s ready to dive into social media to some degree Melvin’s tip #2: “Think of offering your lead magnet as the beginning of a layering process to go from podcast, website, and then on to social media.” Why it’s overwhelming to dive into content creation and send out a newsletter Melvin’s tip #3: “Don’t feel obligated to send out too many newsletters; even once a month is OK when getting started. You can change things up at any time. “ Why it’s important to be consistent at whatever stage of development you are in Melvin’s tip #4: “Think of how you can batch content with short tip videos to include in your newsletter.” Options in using podcast content for quotes, tips, etc. to use in a newsletter and on social media Why Tami feels that her next steps will be around leveraging her content in a newsletter Mentioned in this episode: Thanks to our Sponsor, Zynnyme When you open a private practice you become an entrepreneur- but that doesn't mean you magically know how to run a successful, sustainable solo or group practice and still enjoy life. And the truth is, when your business isn't working properly it WILL impact your joy, energy, and your clinical outcomes. Therapists are among the world's paid master's degrees and it is time for it to stop. Kelly & Miranda at zynnyme are two therapists who care deeply about ensuring therapists can have sustainable incomes and practices that get exemplary outcomes. Check out their free Private Practice Masterclass where they'll be diving into the core issues that keep even full practice owners from being truly profitable and protected from burnout. While you are at it, get on the waitlist for their Business School for Therapists-your one-stop-shop for growing, revamping, or launching your sustainable, impactful solo or group practice. Business School for Therapists has the perfect blend of personalized support, ready to go content when you need it, and an amazing community all over the world. https://selling-the-couch.captivate.fm/zynnyme (zynnyme) We'd like to thank our Sponsor, zynnyme When you open a private practice you become an entrepreneur- but that doesn't mean you magically know how to run a successful,...