ENCORE: Charging Premium Prices For Your Online Course (Money Blocks + Fears)

Selling the Couch

Nov 17 2022 • 34 mins

Welcome to Session 300! I never even imagined reaching this point, and I’m very grateful to be at this milestone. I love everything about connecting with people through podcasting, so thank you for joining me on this journey. Today’s show is a coaching call about online courses and the imposter syndrome that sneaks in with fear and doubt. Join us to learn more!

Our Featured Guest for today’s coaching call:

Nikki Sewell, LCSW

Nikki Sewell was part of our beta group for Online Course School’s eight-week live experience where we went through each step from start to finish in setting up your online course. Nikki is ready to get her pilot students into her course, but she has encountered a lot of fear around charging her worth for her grief course for therapists. Nikki built a successful private practice focusing on the niche of grief counseling, motivated by losing her father to suicide during her grad school years and suddenly losing her husband at age 41 back in 2013. Join the coaching call with Nikki and Melvin!

Nikki Sewell

You’ll Learn:

● How Nikki found her niche in grief counseling with widows, suicide survivors, and orphaned adults

● Why Nikki views her grief counseling work as something beautiful that empowers people to see “what’s lost, what’s left, and what’s possible”

● How Nikki decided to create her online course to help other grief and trauma therapists

● Why the best online courses combine clinical training with personal experience–like Nikki is doing

● How money blocks, shame, and internal voices get in the way to create imposter syndrome for Nikki

● The new perspective: Nikki’s course is helping clinicians to become better clinicians, help their clients more fully, and become better business owners (who make more money)

● Why we struggle with shame in charging what we are worth because we are a “helping profession”

● How Nikki can implement the same steps in charging for her online course that she employed in establishing her private practice

● How to take a “ladder view” of our expertise and experience, realizing that there are always people on lower rungs who need your help

● Why it’s better to take the tortoise approach and pace yourself in launching a course


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