ENCORE: How To Invest Intelligently: Top Tips From A Certified Financial Planner

Selling the Couch

Aug 24 2023 • 45 mins

I have to admit that the topic of personal finance excites the nerd in me. I love reading and learning more about all things around finance! Investing intelligently and planning for retirement are often intimidating areas in which we can always benefit from expert advice. Join us to learn how you can make solid investment decisions and better prepare for your future.

Our Featured Guest-Dave Frank, Certified Financial Planner

Dave Frank is the founder of Turning Point Financial Life Planning, which focuses on helping clinicians in private practice manage their retirement and finances. Dave has the heart to empower therapists around money and finances so they can be more present and centered in all areas of personal and professional life. In today’s show, we will begin by looking at the information and misinformation about investing that have come forward during the pandemic. Dave shares strategies for financial management, including why investing in the stock market is a good idea. Our conversation turns to retirement options for solo and group practitioners and a brief look at cryptocurrency.

Turning Point Financial Life Planning

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You’ll Learn

●     Why most people don’t know the basics of sound investing

●     Why “passively managed, low-cost, tax-efficient mutual funds” are the best tools for long-term investing---(Dave explains the terminology!)

●     The difference between investing and gambling for long-term financial goals

●     The important question about investing: What are my goals?

●     The basics of mutual funds

●     A sound and simple investing strategy that Dave recommends

●     Why your allocations should shift to funds with less volatility and less return as you near  retirement age

●     Dave’s investment advice for beginners about getting started with target-date accounts and emergency savings

●     Why solo practitioners should be careful not to overcontribute to a retirement account

●     Dave’s opinion about investing in cryptocurrency--does it make sense for therapists?

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