341: 11 No-Code Tools I’m Using as a Six-Figure Course Creator

Selling the Couch

Jun 22 2023 • 29 mins

Today I’m sharing what I’m using for no-code tools and my tech stack as an online course creator. Believe me, I’ve experimented with a lot of different things, and I’m always willing to share what I’ve learned and what I recommend to others. If you aren’t familiar with the term “no-code,” it simply refers to tools that don’t require a code or advanced programming to use. I hope this information is helpful to anyone who is creating a course or thinking about this endeavor in the future. Join me to learn more!

You’ll Learn:

11 no-code tools I’m using to create online courses:

  • Kartra is an all-in-one platform with features that fit our needs.
  • Circle provides a place for community outside mainstream social media.
  • Stripe allows us to take payments within Kartra.
  • Loom is great for recording online course videos because there are many recording options.
  • Notion helps with lesson planning because there are lesson and template options that make it easy to repurpose content later.
  • Testimonial.to makes it easy to gather testimonials from students; a downside is that it is expensive.
  • Smarter Queue helps with social media management because it integrates with Facebook groups and LinkedIn, and it recycles posts.
  • Canva is amazing because there are many clean and modern slide templates with animation and graphics.
  • Headline Studios helps create engaging course titles with built-in AI and feedback.
  • Captivate is great for podcast hosting because of dynamic ads insertion.
  • Easy Webinar makes the webinar sign-up process easy for students.


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